• Art Works

    Composed by exhibits from private collection of original works made by Salvador Dali : lithographs, ceramics, works in bronze, silver, gold. Exhibition highlights the major key aspects of work of the greatest artist of our time - Salvador Dali.

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  • Design Works

    The exhibited works demonstrate Dali’s creative side, which are unknown to a wide audience, but nonetheless which are essential for the understanding of his art, fantastic world and artistic techniques used by Dali to implement it in a variety of forms and genres.

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  • Medals

    Biggest collection in the world of original medals of Salvador Dali. Different work of metallic art imagery depicting Dali’s personal interpretation of different themes. The medals are minted in very limited quantity and are a stunning artistic collection, both unique and valuable.

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Ref.: Dongen 62x62_01

Size : 62 x 62 mm

Price : 4,00 zł

Ref.: Dongen 62x88_01

Size : 62 x 88 mm

Price : 4,00 zł

Ref.: Dongen 62x88_02

Size : 62 x 88 mm

Price : 4,00 zł



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24 Wielka str., Poznań, 61-775, Poland
Tel: +48 570 625 825

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International Award "The Arch of Europe"
golden category of B.I.D.
Frankfurt, Germany, 2011


The only difference between Dalí and a crazy man is that Dalí is not crazy at all !   

Salvador Dalí

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